I should have stayed in bed today.

Today is day three of a migraine.  It’s too late to take drugs that would have any measurable effect on it.  I woke up Saturday, sure it was just a headache from crying my brains out after my “talk” with my mother.  I figured I could work through a regular headache, but by the time it had turned into a migraine, it was too late.  Too late, even, for my Tylenol + caffeine (Frappucino) trick, which I tried yesterday, to no effect.  I called the doctor’s office this morning, and left a message asking what I could take.  I waited all morning with bated breath, willing my phone to ring.  Ring it did, when I was with a student.  I finally listened to the voicemail, which said to take Tylenol.  Wonder drug of do-nothing.

I dropped my pizza in the dirt at lunch, and my yogurt sprung a leak (why did they ever do away with the plastic lids???) in my lunch bag.  Even though I tossed it in a plastic bag this morning (thus negating any environmental savings from eschewing a plastic lid), it oozed all over its containment sack, and I had to eat it using the Ziploc as a protective shield. I kept biting my cheek during lunch.  I bit it once this weekend, and it perpetuates as my teeth keep catching on the mess of my gums. 

I wish this school had a nice, soft, comfy couch in the faculty lounge.  Or a faculty lounge, for that matter.  We do, sure enough, have a door marked as such, but it’s the euphemistic “lounge” you find in department stores – a bathroom.  I used to love taking my break on that couch, blissfully unanxious about sleeping through the entire afternoon.  I would take my lunch with the kids, too hungry at that point to stand on formality of eating with grown-ups.  Then I’d have my entire 45-minute break to snooze, just as the kids were doing not too far away.  Even better, sometimes I’d lie down next to the kids, on the soft, carpeted floor, in the darkened room, while the soothing music played.  Ostensibly, I was providing the model of calmness, stillness, and enticement to nap.  In reality, I was resting.  On the few occasions I would fall asleep, the creaking open of the door when my lead teacher would return from her break would startle me enough to wake me, and I would check on my sleeping charges, then go take my own break.

Today is a day I could use a nap, and so I am longing for the comfort of that couch.  Grad school had such couches, and though they were by no means as comfortable, I still managed to catch up on a few minutes sleep now and then, during my 10-hour days. 

I couldn’t even muster up my usual level of patience for the fidgety kids.  I was not up for telling S. to put the marker away 6 times, to get out her planner 3 times, to just put down all the fidget toys (see: office supplies) on the desk.  I chose a passage for us to read about theGolden GateBridge, and it was too hard. 

I saved myJaffacakes — special little delicacies from my cousin inEngland– for my afternoon snack, but I’m biting my cheek even with them.  And of course, the migraine persists.  . I’ve been awake since 3:30, miserably tossing and turning and designing lesson plans in lieu of sleeping.  Put me to bed.  I want a do-over on this day.