I guess the whole blog world, including my dear husband, was busy writing their thankful posts for yesterday, Thanksgiving.  I was too busy bitching about crummy gifts from my aunt, a jag I’ve seemingly been on all week.  However, I did get up early on this, my day off, when Mr. Apron is working until 3pm, so I could go shopping.  I didn’t go to all the nutso salse at 3am, 4am, midnight, since I think that’s sick, and it just feeds into my anti-consumerism sentiment that rises in my throat like bile whenever I see another commercial, recycle another circular, or hear another radio ad.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out why it needs to be so early.

So I went to the Dansko Outlet, armed with my 20% off coupon.  They only opened at 8am, which is comfortably daylight, so I can justify it.  Besides, 20% off shoes that are already 50% off the retail price.  Plus, I mean, shoes.  Come on. 

And I’m back already.  No one trampled me in a Wal-Mart parking lot, no one took the last Zhu-zhu pet out of my hesitating hands, no one cut in line ahead of me, and no one snatched the last door-buster as I zeroed in on an HDTV.  I think I escaped unscathed.

But thankful.  So I thought I’d segue to a little piece that has nothing to do with the agonizingly awkward, stress-inducing, ulcer-erupting dinner that went on last night at my in-laws’.

I am thankful for my mother, who in purchasing terrible gifts, is still showing she means well, and who has awakened the latent Martha Stewart spirit in me that gave me a craving to bake pumpkin bread last night, after we had returned, stuffed, from dinner. 

I am thankful for my father, who inspires me to try new projects, and who has taught me all the vaguely athletic activities I still pursue. 

I am thankful for my sister, who still looks up to me and makes me feel I have an iota of cool left in my spleen, despite the 99.7% dork I truly am. 

I am thankful for my brother, who called last week to ask, “How’s the married thing going for you?” and cared enough to send a birthday present that my mom told him to buy, which arrived without a card or return address. 

I am thankful for our dogs, one good, one naughty, who keep me entertained when I am alone, warm when I am chilly, and humbled when I think I’ve really got this dog training thing down pat. 

I am thankful for the burst bubble in the real estate market, which allowed us to buy this house, and gradually transform it into a home oozing with the spirit of “us”. 

I am thankful for my new job, filled with coworkers I can at last relate to and respect. 

I am thankful, most of all, for my husband, my partner, my buddy.  We have been through more ups and downs throughout the year that I can count, and I’m very good at math.  Through it all, I know I have him.  He will hold me when I need to be held, help me to do hard things, and work with me to conquer the biggest obstacles of all. 

Happy Day After Thanksgiving.  Keep that spirit from yesterday in your heart as your claw and bite your way into Best Buy.