The straps on a bike helmet.  If you’re going to ride down the street already looking like a dork for wearing a helmet in the first place, you might as well help the helmet do its job by buckling.  Otherwise, the message you’re sending your brain is, “I get the last laugh! I’ll comply with my state law/parents’ directions, but I’ll find a way to endanger my brain anyway.”  No, pal, the organ donor organization in your state gets the last laugh, and your kidneys, too.

Seat belts in a car.  My car beeps when I unbuckle to parallel park, a move necessitating more flexibility in a person of my stature than a buckled belt allows.  Ever wonder, folks, why they have all those chimes and idiot lights?  Ever wonder about those geniuses who think to buckle the belt behind themselves to try to outsmart the alarms off? I think they’re lining up for the Darwin awards.  Airbags can only save your life if you’re in the proper position to receive their high-speed pillowy dusty goodness.  

Wow.  I only have two examples.  Weak blog, weak.  I’m sure there are more witty things I could think of, but not under such pressure as the blinking cursor and expectant “publish” button demands.  Till next time then.