–cold showers after a hot day of sweating

–crazy-ass thunderstorms

–fireflies, and finally living in a climate warm enough to have fireflies


–being able to eat ice cream all the time

–having said ice cream delivered to the door via the Ice Cream Truck

–summer concerts on the grass, though I could get by without the accompanying mosquitoes

–sprinklers.  The water is always too cold and grass sticks to your feet. 

–being able to wear sandals, and leaving my sock drawer closed for weeks on end.


–sitting out on the porch

And one I don’t like:

–working through the summer.  I haven’t had a day off since the 4th of July, but Mr. Apron and I are taking the first week of September (before Labor Day) and leaving the heat of the city behind.  And maybe someday I’ll have a job that gives me back the halcyon days of summer to enjoy as  I please.