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Now, as you know, I’m not usually one to post a link to the hottest viral item on the Interwebs from youtube or Yay Leno’s headlines.  I prefer my own, hand-crafted content.  Dollar stores are not created equally.  Dollar Tree is good for many things, but all Dollar Trees have basically the same stock; it just varies with the size of the establishment.  Family Dollar is not so nice, nor is it aptly named.  I don’t want to see $14.99 items there.  I want dollar schlock.  I like the independent dollar stores more.  You never know what you’ll find.  I was in the Chinese dollar store today as I paused to look for therapy materials during worktime, and I spotted this gem.  It answers the question: 

What do you do if you have hot bowels?

Yes, that reads, "Advanced Bowel Mat"

Yes, that reads, "Advanced Bowel Mat"

Though the “advanced” portion makes me wonder if there is a “basic bowel mat” for those everyday hot bowels. 

And if you marveled at how that typo could make it across the pond, I”ll tell you how.  Or, rather, show you. 

bowel mat back

Clearly, the 2000 edition of Quality Attestation missed this gem.  I hope you enjoy it.

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