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The good news came in an e-mail from my clinical supervisor on Tuesday afternoon.  The transfer I requested back in, oh, March, is coming to fruition.  And sooner than I’d expected!  Everything depended on something else.  I couldn’t leave my current post till a full-time replacement had been found, and I couldn’t go to the new location till they’d done a Tetris with how many days/week of speech therapists they needed.  All the interviewees seemed to either disappear to go work elsewhere, or else request to work in the other part of the city. 

The reason I’ve been so anxious to transfer is that I moved.  We bought a house in February, and moving to a nicer neighborhood has doubled my commuting time and distance.  I’ve been tweaking my route countless times, and traffic has eased some since school let out for the summer (those 10 month teachers sure clog up the highways September through June), but it’ll only get worse again in September.  And there’s construction.  And I can’t avoid a major dangerous, poorly designed road which is the bane of my existence.  If there’s  an accident — forget it.  Some people can tolerate a commute and enjoy driving.  Mr. Apron is one of them.  My father is another.  He’s had an hour-long commute for most of my life, with the exception of 4 years we lived in Rochester, Minnesota, which presented its own challenges.  Ask me about lutefisk.  I, however, am not one of those people.  Especially given all my gripes about driving positions and seatbelts ratcheting my internal organs.  So, back to that transfer…

I was told that, if it happened, the changing of the guard would happen between spring and summer “semesters”, during the 2 weeks when children have a break (which ended July 5th), or between the summer and fall “semesters”, in late August, when kids get another respite from staff, and staff from students likewise.  So I certainly wasn’t expecting to see my last day emblazoned on the calendar as July 28th when I arrived at work on Wednesday.  Yet there it was.

Finally.  Unexpected in schedule and logistics, but welcomed nonetheless.  This way actually works out well.  The new SLP replacing me will start this coming Monday, so I’ll have two weeks to orient her to my caseload and help her out with all the “wish someone had told me this”  info.  And, when I disappear to my new location July 28th, I’ll be overlapping that week with the woman I’m to replace.  I’m sad she’s leaving.  I shadowed her back in May when I went to visit that center and wanted to check out the “feel” of the classrooms, and I know I would have much to learn from her were we to work together.  As it is, the other SLP who just started there is a clinical fellow (recall I just finished my clinical fellowship on June 8th), so I’ll be a barely broken-in SLP working with a newbie. 

But she comes highly praised by a woman I work with who knows her through her daughter, so that’s promising.  Basically, I can’t wait to have another SLP to work with.  I’ve been the lone SLP at my current center since November, and I’m very much looking forward to another speechie professional to discuss therapy and treatment ideas with.  It’s a new adventure, and it starts July 28th.  Wish me luck!

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