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My mother called today with a request.  She now knows people who are going to Iraq and Afghanistan, respectively.  She is friends with their mothers and wives, respectively.  And she, ever the giver (cookies, fabric, garbage bags of stuff from my childhood room, recipes, newspaper clippings, furniture, etc.), wants to send care packages.  Sure, she could just whip up a batch of the cookies for which she is famous (and for which she is known as Judie Crocker), but she wants this to be helpful to the guys receiving them, not just full of cookies.  We’ve been in these wars long enough for people to have figured out what to send in care packages, right?  I mean, some folks must have it down to a science.

So I ask you, dear readers, what should she send in her care packages?  These are both guys in their early to mid-twenties, one married, one single.  I had heard somewhere along the line that soldiers actually asked for mundane necessities of life, such as sweatsocks and toilet paper, but I may be making that up.  She’s counting on us, so let’s have at it: brainstorm away!