I got new glasses on April 29th.  Thus far, 4 people have noticed.  You’d think something major like my switching from 1965 black oval frames to vintage mid-1970s medium tortoise shell rounded hexagons (Mr. Apron’s description) would trigger some sort of change in my overall appearance worth noting, but no.  Not really.  Here’s who noticed:

1) a 4 year old boy with cerebral palsy who joyously greets me each morning I walk into his classroom, “Hi!”  When he noted my new glasses, he said, simply, “Hey!  Glasses!”  Which I’m taking to mean he noticed.  I mean, this is a perceptive kiddo.  He looked at my brown leather shoes with prominent white lacing and observed, “Football!”  He was first.

2) an OT I have likely only ever met once, probably back in March or February.  I was visiting another center and she greeted me, asking if I had gotten new glasses.  She, herself is a wearer of those colorful plastic frames which bear the word “funky” effortlessly.  She was the second.

3) an OT I work with regularly but see at the office only sporadically as our schedules cross approximately every other Wednesday.  She was the third.

4) my sister-in-law.  Last night at our mother’s day dinner.  She is, thus far, the fourth.

It’s one of those things I think I’d like people to comment on.  You know, like when you get  haircut and you’re either really excited at how great it turned out and you weren’t sure you should take the risk and it’s really different, but it was worth it because wow! you feel like a new woman; or you’re somewhat insecure because you took a big risk getting a new cut and/or the stylist totally butchered what you thought you wanted, but you’d like some support and bolstering up to help you get used to it so you don’t resort to headbands and ponytails for the next six weeks. 

And so it is with my new glasses.  I’m getting used to them.  They’re growing on me.  I also got new sunglasses.  My previous pair were vintage 1950’s swiss metal cat-eyed glasses with rhinestones (of course) and leaf embellishments.  The metal turned out not to be such a great idea in the summer.  It was a perfect storm of metal absorbing the sun’s rays and nose grease slicking up the surface resulting in burning hot glasses sliding effortlessly off my nose and onto the pavement, into my lap, down my shirt, into the dog’s waterbowl, and, if I didn’t get a new pair soon, down some sewer grate.  My new ones are decidedly glam, but unoriginal.  I actually bought the frames in an optical shop, as opposed to an antique store (see: previous sunglasses), a thrift store (see: my new glasses, for $.50), or my mother’s house (see: my previous glasses).  They’re the current style (another first for me) of large, full-coverage frames you see all the hot girls wearing.  Except I’m wearing them instead!  And, they have a bit of bling on the sides, like all the old ladies’ with oversized Anne Klein, Dolce & Gabana, Prada, and Dior logos.  But tasteful of course.  They’re only Nine West after all.  Even with my $.50 frames, even I can be a bit of a snob.