With the release of the new X-men Origins movie and the 7-Eleven Slurpee it has inspired, I thought I might should explain to yuns (that’s my adopted Pittsburghese) my own origin. Rather, I thought I’d tell you the background of how my blog url came to be. 

I finished grad school last August, and began my new job on September 2, a scant 2 days before children arrived to begin school for the fall.  I was instantly handed my caseload, a buttload of files, and instructions to both a) not sweat the note-writing initially, just get to know the kids, and b) make sure to document every minute spent with the kids, which necessarily means note-writing.  Panic set in, and I spent the first 2 weeks of my new job crying in the bathroom with the fan on, which is inconvenient in a building with exactly one adult restroom. 

Several weeks into September, when the tears had ebbed somewhat, we chanced to meet up with friends downtown who had just had a baby.  It was our first time meeting little Enzo (coolest name ever), and Mom’s parents had dropped in for a visit to help out, or do laundry, or rearranged the cabinets, or catch up on their light reading, or strip wall paper — whatever it is new grandparents do when they come to stay for a while.  Turns out they are both speech-language pathologists.  Having been a working speech-language pathologist for about 3 weeks, I tried to absorb their wisdom, their staying power in the field, and their lingo.  In my two years of grad school (and one year taking undergraduate pre-requisite classes online), I had heard speech-language pathologists referred to as speech therapists, speech pathologists, speech teachers, speechies, even “speech correctionists” (an archaic term), but never as this couple referred to my new profession: “slips”. They of course took the acronym of SLP, shoved a little “i” in there, and magically made a new word.  Maybe it’s a regional term — they’re from the midwest — but I think it’s cute.  Succinct, and easier to say than speech-language pathologist, a phrase I always trip my tongue over and can’t type in any coherent manner. 

So SLiP + tongue, important organ in speech production + nod to a pun = SLiPs of the Tongue.  That and “http://SLiPoftheTongue.wordpress.com” was taken.  (Don’t go there now.  Stay here.  Finish reading.  Read my blog.  Only my blog.  I am the only blog that matters.)

I intended to vent about my job, something I desperately needed those first few weeks, and I still intend to fill you in on the humorous, touching, tragic, and gooey things that happen to me in my quest to deliver quality therapy while staying sane.  However, you may notice I also deviate towards topics of my home (having just bought oour first home and embarked on a journey of home ownership), crafting (keeping me sane in the non-work hours, so that I may give my brain a break from boogers, chopped up chicken fingers, finger paint, sand tables, /f/ therapy, and echolalia), and other topics as they come to me.  I hope you have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy this blog. 

And remember, tell your friends!  ‘Cause I’m a comment-whore, and, much as I love him, I can’t just rely on Mr. Apron to fill that void.